Series of seven from one negative by Jeff Edwards

Several weeks ago I was talking to my friend John McDougall about intentionally created abstraction, naturally created, or abstraction out of control of the artist. So I have decided to share this image, it is a series of seven from the same negative that has been altered, analysed and then re altered many times to the point of almost complete deletion. In this process I am mostly in control of the overall outcome. And now I am off to work on the next part of the black and white negative series working with ice, where I have almost no control.


Jeff Edwards Photography.jpg

Ghostly Atmospherics by Jeff Edwards

20x24 print from 4x5" negative
Well this is an image that I way over worked, but in the end really like. The ghostly atmospherics, with only vague recognisable facial features. I also really reminds me of one of my favourite artists Francis Bacon.




political011 pos 2.jpg

Crack the Void by Jeff Edwards

Ok last Ice Negative image for a while as I need to work a few things out. However I am still working on several projects and will be posting some new work thats part of a yet to be titled project. For now here is "Crack the Void" Silver Gelatin Print from a 4x5 negative in ice.


Crack the Void.jpg

Ice Etching by Jeff Edwards

Ice Etching

I have found this one particularly interesting over the past few days. Each time I go over it I find new depth, shadow and layers I hadn't noticed before. Such detail in a graphic etching sort of way I would never expect from Ice and film. Almost as if the ice has etched the Negative itself. It is also very Planetary, to be more specific one of Saturn's moons Enceladus.


Jeff Edwards Photography Ice Etching.jpg

Lost Ice Cavern by Jeff Edwards

I see this one as a cavern with a small spotlight from the top being the only light within. It was believed nothing could live between a certain depth or temperature until life was discovered under an Atlantic ice sheet. Bacteria and microbes already on the film or transferred from my hands could have had their own environment within this small 4x5" space that slowly froze. Did they die, did they simply hibernate then awoke in the cavern days later?


Jeff Edwards Photography Ice.jpg

America in Decay by Jeff Edwards

"America in Decay" 
Rest assured the American dream ... well what was left of it is dead. With the final life support plug pulled by trump and his cronies. What do we call it now that we are in fact living in a dystopian universe? 


trump 1.jpg

Cosmic Stillness by Jeff Edwards

It is amazing how much motion there is in what is essentially a still life. Almost as if its an image of the ice exploding or imploding. This one also feels very cosmic to me almost like a black hole where you can see space gathered before being sucked in and spit out.


bw ice 1001.jpg

The Jokers Wild by Jeff Edwards

I did this one about 6 months ago but only shared it on my facebook page so I wanted to share it here as well. With the ever changing and terrifying political climate I have had many ideas about expressing myself about it through my work. Yet I have been hesitant because we are already so saturated with the amount of political work out there that I wanted to make sure I had something worth it. So here is "The Jokers Wild" my homage to the evil that is Theresa May. I have been working on one of Commander Agent Orange but his skin ..... being orange has turned out very difficult to work with ...... seriously. 

Jokers WIld.jpg

Manipulated Chaos by Jeff Edwards

What is great about working this way and with ice is the complete uncontrollable nature of the subject. Water will never freeze the same way twice, the negative will never be in the same position and the light will never expose the negative the same way. From a technical aspect which to some is the only aspect for photography it is total chaos. So while there may not be a way to control the "chaos" there is a way to create beauty from its manipulation.


bw ice 1004.jpg

Icy beginning to 2018 by Jeff Edwards

Well I hope everyone has recovered from the Holidays! Over December I started some work that I have been thinking about for ages but just never had the time to dedicate to it till now. These images I will be posting now and over the next few weeks as they develop are 4x5 black and white negatives exposed in ice.
I have been far to inactive for the past year so time to kick it in gear for 2018.

bw ice 1003.jpg