Diamond in the rough by Jeff Edwards

Whenever you are working in an experimental way there are times when a negative just goes wrong. However thats the joy of being able to enlarge and crop an image in the darkroom.
Portion of a 4x5" B&W Negative exposed to Carbon, earth, water and fire (micro explosions)

close up Fire Ink Earth Dev005.jpg

Fractured Worlds by Jeff Edwards

Amazing the depth these ice negs create and the sense of movement is there as well, like fractured fault lines seen from above.

A Fractured World - 4x5" Negative exposed in Ice

Ice 2019011.jpg

Titles are hard by Jeff Edwards

The hardest part about your artwork after the actual creation, is writing about it. Sometimes coming up with titles seems so overly contrived, and that’s probably because it is. It always feels like such a pressure, and something that has to be done. I would be quite happy sometimes to just use a description and then number, but then that seems overly redundant and boring. While with any title you are creating a narrative beyond the image, the language can work and guide the viewer to where you would like or expect, or it could send them to lah lah land and give your work an entirely unintended and un wanted context. The powers of language, perception, interpretation and miss-interpretation are a pain in the ass …

Matter?!? by Jeff Edwards

There are so many images I create where there is much I want to say but I can't put the right words in my mouth. So I just have to stare at it till I get it or just wanna chuck it out the window. At this point I am just intrigued by the organic structure and movement. 4x5" negative exposed to organic matter and fire (micro explosions)

Earth Leaf and Fire001-3.jpg

And the work must go on by Jeff Edwards

Some impacts create while others destroy ... my current technique/practice is a bit of both. A portion of an image from a 4x5" b&w negative exposed to earth, water, carbon and fire (micro explosions)

Fire, Ink, Earth, alch003 sample 1.jpg

A good boost by Jeff Edwards

Back from holiday and its time to get back to work! Delighted to say that my application to the Richard and Siobhan Coward Foundation accepted my application for their analogue photography grant. This will ensure that my current project (still untitled) will be completed to its fullest potential for my solo show next year! But for now it is contact sheet and proof prints time.


Happy intentional accidents ........ right? by Jeff Edwards

The addition of carbon to these works was a happy, but somewhat intentional accident. As it came from a compound I have been using on previous works for years ..... it is lucky that a 4x5" flame ball wasn't created in the end though ....
A portion of an image from a 4x5" b&w negative exposed to earth, water, carbon and fire (micro explosions)

Fire, Ink, Earth, alch001 sample 2.jpg

Carbon? by Jeff Edwards

So in continuation of the experimental nature of this body of work we have this.
A portion of an image from a 4x5" b&w negative exposed to earth, water, carbon and fire (micro explosions) ..... nice ....

Fire, Ink, Earth, alch001 sample 1.jpg

Sometimes ..... by Jeff Edwards

Sometimes you end up spending so much time on your social media presence, submissions and writing that you completely forget to post small updates on your own page!

So here we go a small taste of a much larger print from a 4x5” B&W Negative exposed to smoke and fire (micro explosions)

Jeff Edwards Smoke and Fire.jpg

Lost memory Lane #2 by Jeff Edwards

One last image from lost memory lane. Fun remembering now actually taking these. However I think I need to start working out if I am going to lug that beast of an 8x10 camera kit around again!
8x10" Colour Positive Film
St Peters Seminary - Cardross - 2010ish

Jeff Edwards Photography Cardross 3.jpg